Wereld in Woorden (literally, ‘World in Words’) is a Dutch-based partnership of text writers, researchers and journalists working on global issues, such as:

  • migration
  • climate change
  • sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • inequality
  • SDGs

We think it is important to make these complex problems and their potential solutions comprehensible for a wide audience. Therefore, WiW helps NGOs, universities, governmental institutions and companies to communicate on these subjects in a clear, attractive and accessible manner.

Products and services

  • articles, magazines, books
  • annual reports, policy papers
  • editing
  • organising writing workshops
  • research and evaluation

We work in English, Spanish and Dutch.

The WiW-partners are

To strengthen our capacity regarding evaluations WiW recently joined forces with Warner Strategy & Fundraising.

These are our rates and method.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.