Wereld in Woorden (literally, ‘World in Words’) is a Netherlands-based partnership of text writers, researchers and evaluators working on global issues, such as:

  • migration
  • climate change
  • sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • inequality
  • SDGs

We think it is important to make these complex problems and their potential solutions comprehensible for a wide audience. Therefore, WiW helps NGOs, universities, governmental institutions and companies to communicate about these subjects in a clear, attractive and accessible manner.

We have developed a methodology to use journalistic ‘tools’ for evaluation and learning purposes. ‘Stories of Change’ help understand how interventions create social change and how these interventions can be improved for better results. Read our thoughts on using stories in evaluation in this (draft) 4-pager.

Products and services

  • articles, magazines, books
  • annual reports, policy papers
  • editing
  • organising writing workshops
  • research and evaluation
  • (participatory) videos
  • podcasts

We work in English, Spanish and Dutch.

The WiW-partners are

These are our rates and methods.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.